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Yanagisawa A9930



This is a rare Yanagisawa: solid silver neck and solid silver body. A beautiful instrument in top shape. It has been played for only 2 or 3 years, ended in the closet. Never played anymore. The lacquer on the silver has some ugly spots, but there are no dents or dings. The ergonomics of this instrument are great, intonation is superb. The sound is clear and full, lots of power, and the tones are even from top to bottom. A great instrument. The pads are in a very good condition and the instrument plays very well.

There are 3 prices: As is/cash and carry € 2750; with extended service (cleaning of the pads, rods, body, new cork, assembled again, newly regulated, warranty etc.) € 3100; completely overhauled with warranty etc. € 3500

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