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Selmer USA Padless



Beautiful instrument, revolutionary design.


Buescher built 3000 Padless alto and tenor saxophones during WWII. Because of the war industry that was completely the wrong time, and after the war the revolution ended silently.

The idea behind this design is brilliant: Make the complete tube, key cups included, out of brass and you have maximum resonation. The solution is to get rid of all the pads. The keys don’t have cups, it’s just flattened brass. Every tonehole has a ring on the outside, filled with leather. Wet, dry, wet, dry: it will harden in no time, so the saxophone will start to leak and make noise. End of the story. But now we have silicons polymers and we can make it work!

Want to know more:

This instrument is in superb condition. Laquering, body and mechanics are great.

A general overhaul is possible, I want to design a definitive solution for the tonehole rings then. That will cost €1000, including warranty of course.


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