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Selmer MVI



This is a very well playing, somewhat younger, MVI. It has been overhauled a long time ago, but has not been played much after that. It is still very tight, plays easily from top to bottom. The pads are ok, but the cork and felt are not all very tight anymore, so it will need some work soon. It sounds fine, nice and even, open and intonation is easy. The lacquer is original, but not complete, the body is great, the action too. You can buy it as is and have your favourite repairer do the work later. As is price: € 5500. If I am your favourite repairer: disassembly, replacing cork and felt, remove play, pads in leather grease, and anything else I can find will cost € 350. A total overhaul is also possible, not striktly neccessay. I would do that with metal resonators in the pads, it gives the instrument a bit more clarity and power. Extra price after total overhaul: € 750.


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