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This is one of the first USA (also called Director or Shooting star) alto’s built. The first series (approx. 20.000)  differs from the rest. It has nicer keyguards, octave key and some other details. I think it is assembled by Vito in Kenosha. The serial numbers of this serie are also different from the rest of Conn. It is built as a cheaper model as the Conn 6M ( Lady Face) but it is built like a tank. It will most likely outlive it’s new owner.  This one has no lacquer left and has developed a beautiful patina. (Ugly? no way!)  It is completely restored. The sound is exeptionally wel, far better then most of his colleges: warm and deep, It has a nice edge and a lot of volume. And even if you play very loud, it doesnt get sharp. The intonation of this instrument is a piece of cake. A great instrument to play on!

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