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Conn 16M



Tis 1957 early 16M has had a general overhaul around 4 years ago. It was sold but hasn’t been played much. It has been stored a little too damp and now it has some green copper oxide spots on its unlacquered body. You cand that ugly or charming or beautiful, but it’s nothing to worry about. The photo’s are from right after the overhaul, the body was cleaner then. The instrument is technically perfect. It has been serviced, it seals, no extra noises, it plays like a dream. The pads are like new. Conn build this 16M serie as a middleclass instrument, but if you look at nowadays instruments it is top quality. The saxophone is very solid built, the sound is great: warm, fulland it has enough edge to make it useable in all kinds of music. The intonation is perfect, as most of the Conns. A super instrument for a modest price.

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