New mouthpieces.

We have a wide collection of mouthpieces from a small selection of brands.
In our opinion, this collection covers the complete sound spectrum for both classical, pop and jazz.
We have stopped long ago, to try and provide for all sorts and sizes from countless new brands that keep popping up left and right.
Initially highly acclaimed brands hardly ever turn out to add as much as expected, and prove to be superfluous.
Simple recommendation: the most improvement in sound is achieved by practice, rather than by more materials….

Second hand mouthpieces.

We always keep a large supply of second hand mouthpieces.
It fluctuates rapidly, and we can’t keep track of what’s in store exactly.
Among this supply, you will find many sorts & sizes, some for novices, some very special. The price, too, varies widely, starting at €20.
Brands are, among others: Generic (no brand ;-), Selmer, Selmer Goldentone, Brillhart, Otto Link, Runyon, Vandoren, Berg Larssen, Rousseau.
We also have a number of legendary vintage mouthpieces, like Selmer, Otto Link, Babbit etc.
Are you looking for something special? Send us an email or give us a call.


Obviously, we also have ligatures, reeds, cases, wipers, cork grease, stands and the like.

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